T H E  A L G O N Q U I N  E N S E M BLE 

Welcome to our news page.  We'll post notes and happenings as we develop the project and keep you updated as we go.

July 17 '17 - Finally settled down a bit after the premiere July 9.  The McMichael increased the seats available from 140 to 160 and we sold out the room.  Wonderfully supported and attended.  After 18 months of effort, we feel we've accomplished part of our goal,  Now continued with development of the project toward our show in Leith, Ontario at Thomson's boyhood church - a rewarding experience for us all.  We really felt like it was for Tom and visited his headstone out back of the church. Onward to our first CD release at Trinity United in Ottawa, Ontario Dec 3rd.  Tickets are available at the link below for $30.00 or at the door for $35.00.

June '17 - Rehearsal for the McMichael premiere and a visit from Joel Haslem of Regional Contact

May7th, '17 (3:30 am!) - Indiegogo Campaign launched!

May 1st, '17 - Working out the kinks for the Indiegogo campaign.

April 20th, '17 - Collecting more footage of water and the bush for the visual presentation.

April 11, '17 - Meeting with Linda Manzer to discuss the instrument she's building for the project.

March 31st, '17 - We got game!  Leith pamphlet.

March 28th '17 - Just made a blog tab for the site......OBVIOUS!  Off to select canvases for the visual aspect of the project.  TONS to choose from so it will be hard to keep it simple and practical.  That's why Kath is here. - W.T.