T H E  A L G O N Q U I N  E N S E M BLE 


The artist Tom Thomson's life and paintings were the catalyst for the writing of this work. Thomson captured the countryside, shone light on it, proclaimed it, understood it, exalted in it. Sonic Palette is an inspired musical interpretation of the same. The two reflect each other, like mirror images of skies and trees in clear and deep water. An exceptional work. As Canadian as a Maple Leaf. Forever.

David Francey

Sonic Palette is a masterful celebration of Canadian painter Tom Thomson, in which the Algonquin Ensemble interprets Thomson’s visual creations through music. Using piano, strings, fretted instruments, and voice, the Ensemble has invented musical soundscapes which beautifully evoke the spirit, mood, and textures of Thomson’s works, with invitations to view selected paintings while enjoying the corresponding compositions. Regarding his work, Thomson is quoted as having said, “Someday, they’ll know what I mean.”  Sonic Palette illuminates and brings us closer to that understanding. I think Tom would be quite pleased. 

David Bullock

I can’t even fathom that so much beautiful music can come from the hearts and minds of people. So much talent in this group and so many emotions on one CD. Smiles and then tears and wonder and awe. If you haven’t heard this music, you need to do it now.

Patty Townsend 

Oh my what a wonderful album! Mr. Thompson would be so proud. This is a masterpiece! The Palette guitar (the mega-string instrument) adds a mystical quality... almost harp-like and very intriguing. It's difficult to pick just one favourite because I love the entire work.  However, if forced to chose my personal favourites, I'd have to say Nocturne, Northern Lights and Rapids. The West Winds and Train 90 are wonderfully playful and delightful. This album can be easily fit as a movie soundtrack with so many excellent instrumentals e.g. The Thomson Found/Missing songs. Wow!... just WOW!

Yvon Villeneuve

Just amazing! Loved this CD! Such gifted Musicians ! Can’t wait to see them in concert !
Judy Reid

Sonic Palette should be heard right across Canada! It should be performed in the National Gallery.  It is important. It brings Tom Thompsons story and paintings alive in a new and passionate way. It is a story of our land, our beautiful land. Thank-you Terry, Kathryn, John for composing this and thank-you all for your dedicated playing. 


I own the CD and I have heard the live performance of Sonic Palette twice.

Elizabeth Veninga

Artist, Gardener & Senior Caregiver

"A sublime afternoon of beautifully performed, cinematic compositions. So very proud and happy for you all. (Yes there were indeed a few tears shed.) Wishing you every success in the future recording and Canadian tour. EVERY gallery across Canada should be sharing this with their patrons!

"The emotionally charged Sonic Palette performance by the Algonquin Ensemble was the most appropriate way for the McMichael to commemorate the anniversary of Thomson’s death. Exactly, one hundred years after his disappearance, the combination of the atmospheric, original musical compositions and projections reminded us that Tom’s voice is still vibrantly alive through his works.”

Associate Director, Creative Learning & Programs
McMichael Canadian Art Collection

"What a marvelous way to mark the 100th anniversary of such a profound loss. As audience members we are uplifted and grief-stricken by turns, and by the end of the concert we feel transformed by the experience of great art brilliantly presented. This masterpiece should be on tour for every Canadian to enjoy. Highly recommended!"

Piquant Press (www.piquantpress.ca)
Inkslingers (www.inkslingers.ca)

"Amazing is all I can say! We were so very happy to be there to see the very first show! Can't wait to see it again:)"


"...what an amazing show they gave us! Looking forward to hearing more form the Algonquin Ensemble."


"Great event!! And thank you for the wonderful music!! Just beautiful."